Hello, I'm Heidi Sandstrom. Welcome to Bravely Venture.

Throughout my life, I have longed for the freedom that comes with travelling. Whether by plane, train or automobile, I love the idea of exploring unseen places or meeting people and hearing their unique stories. The idea to blog about my travels has long lived in the back of my mind, although it didn't take definitive shape and find its name until recently when it all came together in one very productive afternoon. 

Who are you and what is your origin story? 


My name is Heidi Sandstrom and Bravely Venture is my travel blog. When I was a kid growing up in suburban Australia, I spent the majority of my time with my head in a book reading about devilish pirates, killer robots, dangerous wizards and brazen diamond thieves. I longed to see the world my literary heroes described, but lacked the opportunity (read: finances) to do so. Now, I have a camera, a pen and a folded, tatty map and I'm ready to write my own adventure story - and I'd love for you to come with me. 

If you'd like to find out more about who I am, click here to visit the about me section! 

Where did the name Bravely Venture come from? 

Bravely Venture is a name with two symbolic meanings - the first, is homage paid to the explorers of yesteryear who ventured into the world before we knew what was there. The second references my own social anxiety and acts as a reminder when I'm feeling particularly worried or introverted to push through it and continue to put myself out there. 

What can we expect to be published on this blog? 

You can expect a few things here at Bravely Venture! The first is photography from my travels and the destinations I visit both locally and internationally. The second is a write-up on my experiences, the places I see, the people I meet and the natural ups and downs of travel.

When and where are you travelling? 

Well, I thought I'd ease into travelling by doing a few trips around Victoria (Australia), before boarding a plane to Vanuatu in April 2019. Following that, I have booked in a trip to see Asia and a road-trip to see Australia's 'big things'.

Can I come with? 

Of course! Follow me on Twitter or Instagram to keep up with where I am, or what I'm doing. Alternatively, sign-up to my 'Behind the Lens' newsletter for an email once a month giving you a wrap-up on my latest activities.